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Artistic approach


My work mainly reflect my collections and hobbies : DVDs, comic books, art magazines stored on my crowded shelves, all slither in my pictures.

In my painted collages, I am interested in the way various iconographic references can interact together and create a new harmony, and some fun too.

As a matter of fact, "Art history" is not just a good playground for my silly jokes, but also a kaleidoscope of styles, techniques, virtuose brushstrokes, which i enjoy to explore in detail and lose myself in...

Education (Paris Fine Arts Academy (ABAVP))


  • Painting : Antoine Petel, and Gonzalo Belmonte

  • Etching : Atelier Michel Vilage

  • Lithography : Emmanuelle Aussedat and Laurent Okroglic




2023  Biennale of contemporary art "childhood" - Cachan

2022  Salon SAVM - Villa Médicis, St Maur des Fossés

2022  Ecce Homo (figurative art in new reality) - Kranj (Slovenia)

2021  Biennale 109 - Bastille Design Center, Paris

2021  Artcité "XXth edition" - Fontenay-sous-Bois

2019  VIIth International Art Colony "MALE PČELICE" - Kragujevac (Serbia)

2019  4th International Colony "Kolo 2019" - Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

2018  VIth International Art Colony "MALE PČELICE" - Kragujevac (Serbia)

2018  Biennale 109 - Bastille Design Center, Paris

2017  FilaF "art book fair" - Perpignan

2016  XIth International Art Colony - Skopje (Macedonia)

2016  Biennale 109 - Pontlevoy Abbey 

2015  29th painting prize - Saint-Gregoire

2015  artist in residence "Pignon sur rue" - Montreuil

2015  FIAAC - Pouilly-sur-Loire


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